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Updating records retention schedules in nyc

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The following information is on the retention schedule: IMPORTANT NOTE: Retention periods are usually measured from the actual date of the material itself, not the date the material was transferred to Records Management.

However, Records Management also measures retention periods based on key event dates, such as Contract Close, Class Year, Graduation Date, Grant Period, etc.

This SUNY policy and appendices has been pre-approved by State Archives and the Office of the State Comptroller.

When the SUNY Schedule does not cover a particular record, Fredonia is to defer to the New York State schedule (available on the State Archives website) for the proper retention period.

REMINDER: No records should be retained at Fredonia past their retention period unless they still serve a LEGAL, OPERATIONAL, or HISTORIC value to the institution.

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The committee contains representatives from the following departments (in most cases it is the department director who sits on the committee): In most cases approval is quickly granted and the retention schedule approved.

The department RML must create and maintain a master list of all records to which their department has custodianship.

RML's will work directly with Amy Beers, Campus Records Management Officer, to assure proper retention and disposition of their records.

Typically states require veterinarians to keep records anywhere from 3-5 years after the last patient exam or treatment.

Connecticut, Michigan, and Vermont both require the veterinarian to retain the records for 7 years from the date of the last treatment, or, in Connecticut, 3 years following the death of the patient.