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This is used by the server to determine whether the client is eligible for local authentication.

Sent by the client in the Type 1 message to indicate that the client workstation's name is included in the message.

The information presented herein was used as the basis for the implementation of NTLM authentication in the open-source j CIFS library, available at

This documentation is based on independent research by the author and analysis of functionality implemented in the Samba software suite.

The NTLM Security Support Provider provides authentication, integrity, and confidentiality services within the Window Security Support Provider Interface (SSPI) framework.NTLM is a suite of authentication and session security protocols used in various Microsoft network protocol implementations and supported by the NTLM Security Support Provider ("NTLMSSP").Originally used for authentication and negotiation of secure DCE/RPC, NTLM is also used throughout Microsoft's systems as an integrated single sign-on mechanism.The supplied workstation is a security buffer containing the client workstation's name. The OS Version structure was introduced in recent Windows updates; it identifies the host's operating system build level, and is formatted as follows: This is a "Version 1" Type 1 message containing only the NTLMSSP signature, the NTLM message type, and the minimal set of flags (Negotiate NTLM and Negotiate OEM).Consider the following hexadecimal Type 1 Message: Note that the supplied workstation and domain are in OEM format.All messages start with the NTLMSSP signature, which is (aptly enough) the null-terminated ASCII string "NTLMSSP" (hexadecimal ", in which each bit represents a specific flag.