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Commorragh was originally the greatest of the Webway's portal-cities before the Fall and was intended to be used to transport a fleet to any of the homeworlds of the Eldar empire.
If this girl was a diamond she been in a show room as one of most expensive in world.

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Or I might decide, today’s my birthday, I’m going to give all of my music to everyone for free today. Because it’s out there, and once it’s out there, I don’t really have a say in it anymore.

And I just thought, wouldn’t it be amazing to feel the presence of the artist, that if they make that decision about their music, it’s really felt in a real physical sense.

How would I reimagine it, if I could start from scratch?Or, I might decide that I want to give the money to a charity, or I might decide that I want to give money to my video choreographer. So instead of paying them in advance, you pay them as part of your music. So when I met Zoë [Keating, seated next to Imogen], about five months ago, six months ago, it’s all happened very quickly.She mentioned that she’d been at this event, and heard about Blockchain technology, and I realized there is actually a way that you can connect a file with its payment attached into a digital wallet.That, ‘oh, Imogen Heap has just suddenly taken all of her music offline, I wonder what’s happened, is she alright?’ Or, ‘oh, Imogen has just made all of her music free, isn’t that great, I’ll send it to all these people now.’ And, so I just thought, wouldn’t that be nice, to just have a place, a kind of portal, within which I could share everything?So that one day maybe Sennheiser could get in contact with me, which actually they did because I wrote this song as a campaign song for them.