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By 1974, right around the time Clapton was kicking heroin, Harrison and Boyd were splitting up and, with Harrison's blessing, she ran into Clapton's arms. Two months into the marriage, the newlyweds held a reception for their friends in Clapton's garden – the same place where Harrison wrote "Here Comes the Sun." In attendance were Harrison, Paul Mc Cartney and Ringo Starr.An impromptu jam session among the guests started, which was the closest there had been to a Beatles reunion until the project in the mid-'90s.John and I put their wigs on, and our oilskin macs, and made a little 8mm film about natives on an island with a missionary, John, who comes out of the ocean to convert them.He and his girlfriend invited John, Cynthia, George and me to dinner at his house in Hyde Park Square one evening some time in 1965.We had a lovely meal, plenty to drink, and at the end George said, 'Let's go.' We were planning to see some friends playing at the Pickwick Club. 'It was in the coffee.' Of the group, only Lennon had heard of the drug before, and none knew precisely what to expect.

At the time she was in a relationship with another man, Eric Swayne, and initially declined Harrison's request for a date.

All the way to the club the car felt smaller and smaller, and by the time we arrived we were completely out of it.

People kept recognising George and coming up to him.

We got on a train at Marylebone Station one day and the train took off - and suddenly we were in a film!

And in the film there were little schoolgirls in gym-slips, who were actually models, and we were quite fascinated with them - George even married one: Pattie Boyd.