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I’d replay the situation over and over in my head, which as you know can be incredibly debilitating.

Who is santana dating on glee

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They got married on-screen in the episode “A Wedding,” though at the last minute they ended up having a joint ceremony with Blaine and Kurt.

Their friends serenaded them to close the episode with a rendition of the title song in celebration and support of their upcoming wedding.Brittana dancing, “Dance With Somebody” (Episode 3.17)While we love to hear the ladies sing, watching Brittany and Santana dance together brings us a little closer to heaven.In this epic episode featuring music sung by Whitney Houston, Brittana performs one of the pop star’s biggest hits.Their first attempt at a kiss is thwarted by Principal Figgins, who tells the couple that he has been fielding complaints about their hallway kisses and PDAs.Later on, at a Valentine’s Party at Breadstix, they share their first public kiss while dancing and being utterly adorable.3.At the start of Season 5, Santana dated fellow lesbian Dani.