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"Because I probably would have said no." "You did say no!

" replied Bregman, inciting laughter from Pacino and the entire theater. The entertainment industry hated (and Eddie Murphy loved) Scarface when it first came out. "I remember an industry screening with the heads of two studios," recalled Pacino.

When Pacino was thirteen and performing in a school play, an adaptation of “Home Sweet Homicide,” he already identified so strongly with his role that when his character was supposed to get sick onstage he became nauseated. At one point, Pacino, with a carnation and a floppy handkerchief in his jacket pocket, even pops up as Wilde himself.

I went and saw that film and called Marty Bregman after. There's a remake here.' And he, very wisely, very astutely, got out there and put the whole thing together. When asked about Tony Montana's lavish lifestyle, Pacino said, "It was Brian's idea to make it -- so much of it is outlandishly big, but that was always his intent. It's all about addiction, but it was Brian's idea to make it that way." 7.

He saw that as the way to tell the story because it's kind of appropriate with what [Bauer was] saying about it's not enough. Pacino and Steven Bauer were so well-rehearsed that they could have taken Scarface on the road. A then-unknown Steven Bauer was told he had the part of Manny before auditioning.

At seventy-four, Pacino has managed to avoid the courts but not Beverly Hills, where he has taken up reluctant residence, for more than a decade, in order to share custody of his now thirteen-year-old twins, Anton and Olivia, with their mother, the actress Beverly D’Angelo.

(Pacino, who has never married, also has a twenty-four-year-old daughter, Julie Marie, an aspiring writer and filmmaker.) Every half hour or so, an open-topped tour bus crawls its way along the wide, manicured boulevard where Pacino holes up for most of the year, with a cargo of rubbernecking out-of-towners, cameras at the ready. At that moment, Pacino was reclining in a deck chair at the far end of a wide lawn behind the house, doing business on a cell phone.