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On the right-hand side I provide the current selected chart with extended size and some extra controls.

The visual appearance of the Sci Chart Surface (shared across both sides) is defined via data template So far, so good.

I have not explored Dev Express Controls, but I bet Gridview available from Dev Express should have different options that you should be able to configure in XAML file. In Telerik Grid we can set how the look and file of Grid columns should be in read only mode and how it should be in editable mode.

It can be very difficult then to bind a property on those elements…

Let’s illustrate with a simple example: we want to display a list of products in a System. Data Error: 2 : Cannot find governing Framework Element or Framework Content Element for target element.

But I’m not going to give up so soon, at least not while there are other options to consider 😉 The solution to our problem is actually quite simple, and takes advantage of the even when they’re not in the visual or logical tree.

I don’t know the exact mechanism that enables this behavior, but we’re going to take advantage of it to make our binding work…