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Essentially, they fell into the "all is fair" group.On the other hand, I also found people who had reservations about the use of influence.They (primarily women) thought such techniques were fun, flirty, and cute.

It appears that there are strong differences of opinion about the use of persuasion, influence, and compliance techniques in dating.

It is almost like, in dating, it is somehow "less fair".

But, in my opinion, you are only being "unfair" or "ripping someone off" if you persuade them to "buy" something that isn't worth much, or doesn't give them something in return. So, maybe the problem with persuasion in dating is not ethics, but rather perceptions of self-worth and intentions to share with a partner after the date is secured?

None of them offered any reservations about the techniques.

The only sense I can personally make of it is that perhaps it is a difference of perspective.