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” My family is my soft spot, and whenever they’re in some kind of trouble, I’m there.First Family Feud One time my brother and sisters and I were chasing each other around a hotel room while on a family vacation.It was during this time that her big break came (or what she thought was her big break): she landed her first paying acting job in an indie movie called Saturday Morning, which paid her a whopping 0!Henao didn’t care, as she was hooked and she realized that acting her calling.There, she found time to attend Methodist College while she was stationed in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.After serving for three years, she went back home and enrolled in the Acting School for Film and Television in New York City, which she attended for the next three years.

But then my mother found out, and I was done seeing Sergio.Born in Medellín, Colombia, and raised in New Jersey, Henao knew from a very early age that she wanted to act.As a youngster, she was always very in tune with her feelings and always related well to others and their pain or emotions.It was really nice, engaging with my daughter (on set) and giving her advice.The girl who played my daughter was clinging to me and we had such a good, beautiful bond. My father was around but my parents were divorced when I was 14, so I was able to kind of go back to that time in my life and really absorb what that was like, for me as a child but then also really understanding all of my mothers sacrifices.They find inspiration among one another in their new sisterhood, and help each other through the obstacles and trials of being a single mom.